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I Must Be Getting Soft

This song is by Don Walker.

I dunno how many miles I'm away from you
But I know the phone calls costs a lot
Now I'm sitting in my room, kicking in the TV
'Cause I swallowed everything I got

Yes, I took everything I got my hands on
I guess, I was using a crutch
But now drugs and alcohol and available women
Don't seem to interest me that much

Now I feel that it's time that I called you
I'll tell the boys to turn the radio off
I can't stop thinking about you
Hell, I must be getting soft

Now I'm lying in my room holding on to my pillow
Wishing that it weren't so hard
And I'd give anything in my miserable world
Just to show you where I've been scarred

By mishaps and by misfortune
And others I can't remember their names
I've had a gutful of being an asshole
I don't intend to be that way again

Now I feel the need to hear you
To have the sound of your voice get me off
To sleep where I'll dream about you
Girl, I must be getting soft
Yeah, I must be getting soft

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