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One Mc, One Delay

This song is by Don Johnson Big Band and appears on the album Breaking Daylight (2003).

One MC, one delay lyrics

One MC and one delay
We rock the party with no DJ
One MC and one delay
Who rock the party with no DJ?

I ain't afraid of dying 'cause I'm a laser lion
And better days arrive upon a maze of blind men
Marching on an amazing high, they give me
Nine-eight hey's when I raise a five

Razor fine, cutting edge, on occasion I
Might light up in the backroom raising eyes
And their brows, how's that-a-make your crazy ties
Spin around your red necks when I plagiarize

Blaze a fire from your mouth, keep the place alive
Shatter batteries, effects, and a case of wine
Okay so fine, you're Mr. Big Man on the bass line
If you play so fine, have a taste of mine

I'm like a trapped criminal, face the crime
My track's a little more evasive, I'm
A complacent mind in the place of trying
You can find me in the right place and time

No I'm not content, I could have rocked a tent
Full of fans, hock the pen, pull up my pants
And go panting: oxygen
Not a damn thing green on my side, hop the fence

'Cause I got the necessary documents
A good word from all the former occupants
Of the house, but not before I locked 'em in
With a mouse, ate the key, my compliments are free

But it will cost you confidence, to be an optimist
Can take an optic lens bigger than Canada
Granted a lot depends on skill
Off the bend to an awkward end of will

Is where the recommended walk begins
Till reason might freeze, turn talk to sense
And if I never write a thesis? doctorates?
Pfffft! I'll write a rhyme and go talk to heads...

And when the going gets tough, a lot of cats run scared
This is it, a physical whip on your rear
I'll be knockin' on your door sayin' "ay yo yo"
Knockin' on your head sayin' "ay yo yo"

'Cause police don't handle people like Johnson
And these dope vandals are takin' the town, son
A menace to Venice, embarrassin' Paris
Harrison Ford -type charismatic gunners goin' frantic

With arms so heavy, might tear the place down
Ass destruction! Everybody face down!
D to the J to the B to the B to the A to the B-S-U-R-D
'Cause it's bigger than hiphop, bigger than life

It's bigger than your momma and it's bigger than your wife
Gettin' bigger by the minute, takin' over the nation
These words from the beatback radio station

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