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Skank Wit' U

This song is by Don Jagwarr.

She's my favorite selection
A proud lady of this new style and fashion
So I can't just understand, why you're skankin' by yourself
So it seems to me
You are the ideal girl for me to please

So you want to get wit' don, come get near
Turn a man into a boy, make the boy shed a tear
So you want to get wit' don, come get near
Turn a man into a boy make the boy shed a tear

Since I got off the island
I come to America with ambition
Got the ladies screamin', I did don
If you lie then goodbye with a busted chrome
Espically when you meet the Smith and Wesson
You know you know you should have never tested don

I want to skank wit' you lil girl
I want to rock wit' you, bad boy bad boy

Dirty bout my riches, tell me girl do you feel me
Are you ready for the rhythm of a real G
World do you hear me
I got ya runnin' for my body
Drippin' sweat are you ready for my hottie

2pac 2pac, hip hop
Sticks down wit' that underground funk
With a pocket full of skunk
Come hear now babe
You been fallin' for my lines lately
I be gettin' mine, kickin' rhymes, try to fade me

Thug life baby baby
Smokin' indo going crazy
Now baby if you're lucky, cause you love me
Turn the lights down, gettin' hard when you rub me
Everybodys talkin' bout they know me
But they never gave you all the fame, they show me
Get up on the dance floor when I pick cha
Thug gettin' wit cha

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