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Taking You Home

This song is by Don Henley and appears on the album Inside Job (2000).

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Taking You Home
I had a good life
before you came
I had my friends and my freedom
I had my name

Still there was sorrow and emptyness
till you made me glad
oh and this love
i found strength
never knew i had

And this love
Is like nothing i have ever known
Take my hand
Im taking you home
Taking you home

There were days, lonely days
When the world
Wouldnt throw me a crumb
But i kept on believin
That this day would come

And this love
Is like nothig like i have ever known baby
Take my hand
Im takin you home
Im taking you home
Where we can be with the ones who really care
Where we can grow old together
Keep you in my heart forever

Oh and this love
Is like nothing i have ever known
Take my hand
Taking you home
Taking you home

Yes I am

Written by:

Stuart Brawley, Don Henley, and Stan Lynch

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