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The Letter He Wrote Me

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Let It Ride (2009).

The letter he wrote me was seething with hatred and rage
It's a wonder the handwriting didn't set fire to the page
Threatening slander, then ending by calling me names
If the devil himself sent that letter,
It'd have been much the same

But I'm sorry to say that a minister put down those words
Reacting to hearing the Gospel that he'd never heard
I'm sure glad no religious police could be set on my trail
Or just like Saul of Tarsus, I know he's have thrown me in jail

It's amazing that people will fight for the right to wear chains
Dragging their guilt and their pride, their addictions and pain
The whole time believing that God's in those curses they pray
And charging like rhinos at those who would show them the way

I know Jesus warned us, but still I get caught by surprise
When someone who's using His name does it just for disguise
All you can do is commit them to God and to prayer
That one day they'll find their way out to the light and the air
All I can do is commit him to God and to prayer
That one day he'll find his way out to the light and the air.

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