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Freeze Dried Life

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Let It Ride (2009).

I just can't go back no more
'Cause every time I open up that door
I remember where I've been before
And I just can't settle
No, I just can't settle
I just can't settle for that freeze-dried life no more.

Now we all grow up loose or formal
Strange or straight,
An' we think it's normal,
But when those blinders get knocked from your eyes
Your preconceptions get a big surprise
'Cause once you stumble in to somethin' that's real
No one can tell you what to see and to feel
You just can't go back and try to fake that old game
Even if you do it just won't feel the same

The blind keep leadin' the blind
The sheep keep stumblin', fallin' down behind
Chewin' the crud that they're all bein' fed,
Starin' at the backsides of each others' heads
Like a cheatin' lover who's deceived you and lied
Then calls you names 'cause you ain't satisfied,
If you stay and deny what you know to be true
Man, you deserve whatever happens to you

So I just have to walk away
No pleas or threats could ever tempt me to stay,
'Cause I know where I've been and I know what I see,
You just can't choose prison when you know how it feels to be free.

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