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Foolish Shepherd

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Vision Of The Valley (1991).

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I've seen the beads upon your brow
Beneath the noonday sun
Strainin' at your buried plough
And the work that's never done
You're proud of all the things you've seen
And the strength of your arm and hand
But instead of a shepherd's crook and staff
Now you wield a whip and brand

Your Father's heart is broken
Still you are his son
But you yourself have turned your back
On the victory Jesus won
I can feel his Spirit cryin'
For your blindness and your pain
He's drawin' you with cords of love
To find his rest again

The flock of God are children still
They're his body and his bride
Now I see you beating them
In your anger and your pride
He gave his word for freedom
You use it to enslave
But when God's become your enemy
Tell me, who'll be there to save?

Standin' in the darkness
A sound comes on the wind
Music, joy and laughter
And it's callin' you again
Your brothers, they're rejoicing
Your father and his friends
Now it's up to you
Turn around, go back in!
In the end, it's up to you
To turn around; go back in


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