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Everything Is Possible

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Vision Of The Valley (1991).

At first we trusted anyone who said they had a cure
But with every disappointment it grew harder to be sure
Still, when we heard of Jesus, we went looking for this Man
Who could break the grip of demons by the pow'r of His command.

We found His close disciples in the foothills where He'd been
But as I tried to talk to them, the devil struck again
And my son began to scream aloud, and his eyes rolled back inside
He fell and moaned and stiffened out, and I turned to them and cried

"Cast it out of him, I beg you!" but it was all to no avail
And as each one made excuses, all my hopes began to fail
Then I heard excited voices shouting out, "The Master's here!"
And as Jesus walked right toward me, desperation conquered fear

And I begged Him, "Rabbi, help us! He's my son, my only son!
Your men have tried to cast it out, but nothing could be done!
And he's been like this since childhood - no one can tell us why
But, sir, if you can help at all, I beg you please to try!"

"If you can!?!" He thundered, "You ask Me if I can!?!
Everything is possible if there's faith inside a man!"
I cried, "Oh, Lord, forgive me, please - I've lived so long with grief
I do believe you can, Oh Lord! Please help my unbelief!"

He told the spirit, "Leave the boy and enter him no more!"
It shrieked and threw him on the ground, worse than all the times before
Till at last he lay just like a corpse, and I thought it was the end
But Jesus raised him up and said, "Here's your son, my friend."

We walked back home that evening, and his mother laughed and cried
As we told her all that Jesus did, how the others failed that tried
And the lesson that He taught me in the healing we received:
"Everything is possible to someone who believes."

Everything is possible to someone who believes
It is your Father's joy to give to all who will receive
Those who strive are always caught in the tangled webs they weave
But everything is possible to someone who believes.

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