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Brother of the Son (1976)Edit

Don Francisco - Brother of the Son

Brother of the Son

  1. Brother of the Son
  2. Who You Gonna Listen to?
  3. Closer to Jesus
  4. I Found the Answer
  5. Voyage to Gennesaret
  6. Holy Roll
  7. The Day of The Lord
  8. Got to Tell the Story
  9. There Is No Condemnation
  10. Come and Follow Me

Forgiven (1977)Edit

Don Francisco - Forgiven


  1. Jesus Is the Lord of the Way I Feel
  2. Jehoshaphat
  3. Step Across the Line
  4. I Could Never Promise You
  5. He's Alive
  6. I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping
  7. Don't Want to Be Late
  8. Lullaby
  9. Adam Where Are You

Got to Tell Somebody (1979)Edit

Don Francisco - Got to Tell Somebody

Got to Tell Somebody

  1. If You're Thirsty
  2. Steeple Song
  3. The Duke & The Duchess
  4. Whenever You're Speakin' To Me
  5. Got To Tell Somebody
  6. Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?
  7. I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand
  8. Balaam
  9. He Still Loves You
  10. Too Small A Price

The Traveler (1981)Edit

Don Francisco - The Traveler

The Traveler

  1. Too Small A Price
  2. Since I Met Him
  3. The Lord And I Together
  4. Beautiful To Me
  5. If You Ain't Gonna Sing The Gospel
  6. Messengers From Heaven
  7. The Package
  8. You Can't Take It With You
  9. Give Your Heart A Home
  10. The Traveler/Joy

Holiness (1984)Edit

Don Francisco - Holiness


  1. Morning Prayer
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. Everybody Else But Me
  4. Country Interlude
  5. Flying (By The Seat Of Your Pants)
  6. Holiness
  7. The Storm
  8. To Him Who Is Able
  9. Walking Wounded
  10. Love Is Not A Feeling
  11. Jesus Loves Me

One Heart at a Time (1986)Edit

Don Francisco - One Heart at a Time

One Heart at a Time

  1. One Heart At A Time
  2. Still Your Soul In Silence
  3. Turn It Around
  4. So Satisfied
  5. Crooked Cornerstone
  6. The Prodigal Song
  7. It Ain't No Sin
  8. Don't Let Me Go
  9. I Have Chosen You
  10. There Are No Words

The Power (1987)Edit

Don Francisco - The Power

The Power

  1. Let The Waters Roll
  2. I'm Gonna Walk
  3. One Thing I Ask
  4. Willing To Heal
  5. Always There
  6. Bird With A Broken Wing
  7. Eyes Of Man
  8. There's More That Stand
  9. Jesus Of Nazareth
  10. The Power

High Praise (1988)Edit

Don Francisco - High Praise

High Praise

  1. Worship The King
  2. I Will Rejoice
  3. Speak Peace To My Heart
  4. Come Holy Spirit
  5. I Will Praise You
  6. Help Me To Worship
  7. Through All My Days
  8. Lord Of Your Church
  9. No Better Place

Live in the UK (1989)Edit

Don Francisco - Live in the UK

Live in the UK

  1. One Heart At A Time
  2. I Have Chosen You
  3. It Ain't No Sin
  4. Somebody Loves Me
  5. If You Ain't Gonna Sing The Gospel
  6. Bird With A Broken Wing
  7. Roll It On Jesus
  8. Crooked Cornerstone
  9. The Prodigal Song
  10. Too Small A Price/Joy
  11. Holy, Holy, Holy (Hosanna)
  12. Holy Is The Lord Of Hosts

Vision of the Valley (1991)Edit

Don Francisco - Vision of the Valley

Vision of the Valley

  1. The Proof
  2. Foolish Shepherd
  3. As It Was/So It Shall Be
  4. It's Your Own Fault
  5. I Thank God For You
  6. Vision Of The Valley
  7. Father, Hear Me Calling
  8. Righteous Disgrace
  9. Everything Is Possible
  10. Friend Of My Soul

Come Away (1992)Edit

Don Francisco - Come Away

Come Away

  1. Come Away
  2. Cause And Effect
  3. Restin' In Jesus
  4. Forever Loved
  5. And The Spirit Sings
  6. Does God Still Get The Blues?
  7. The Fast
  8. Son Of Righteousness
  9. Freedom To Move
  10. Feed My Sheep
  11. Come Away (Reprise)

Genesis & Job (1994)Edit

Don Francisco - Genesis & Job

Genesis & Job

  1. Overture
  2. All The World He Made Is Good
  3. For A Man To Be Alone
  4. What Have You Done?
  5. The Ballad Of Cain & Abel
  6. The Death Of Methuselah
  7. And Noah Found Grace
  8. Tower Of Babel
  9. God, Job & The Devil
  10. Job's Lament
  11. Cold Comfort
  12. Job's Defiance
  13. God's Reply

Beautiful to Me (1998)Edit

Don Francisco - Beautiful to Me

Beautiful to Me

  1. Jehoshaphat
  2. Voyage to Gennesaret
  3. Steeple Song
  4. Beautiful To Me
  5. There Is No Condemnation
  6. Give Your Heart A Home
  7. Balaam
  8. It Ain't No Sin
  9. Everybody Else But Me
  10. I Could Never Promise You
  11. Still Your Soul In Silence

Grace On Grace (1999)Edit

Don Francisco - Grace On Grace

Grace On Grace

  1. From Out Of The Blue
  2. Time For My Friends
  3. The Rule Of The Spirit
  4. Prepare The Way
  5. I Believe In You
  6. Grace On Grace
  7. I Love Your Presence, Lord
  8. Soul Peace
  9. Blessed Is The Man
  10. Call Nobody Here Your Teacher
  11. Come Unto Me

Only Love Is Spoken Here (2001)Edit

Don Francisco - Only Love Is Spoken Here

Only Love Is Spoken Here

  1. Stand Up!
  2. The Lord's Prayer
  3. Only Love Is Spoken Here
  4. I Know Who I Am
  5. Flying (By the Seat of Your Pants)
  6. Lean Hard on Me
  7. How Firm a Foundation
  8. Whatever He Says
  9. The Door of Your Heart
  10. Do Not Be Afraid
  11. The Sound of Your Voice
  12. I Wouldn't Have Made It
  13. King of the Hill

The Package (2004)Edit

Don Francisco - The Package

The Package

  1. The Package
  2. Always There
  3. Everything Is Possible
  4. The Fast
  5. Bird With A Broken Wing
  6. Since I Met Him
  7. Flying (By The Seat Of Your Pants)
  8. Gonna Walk
  9. Turn It Around
  10. Forever Loved
  11. The Power
  12. Christmas Song

That I May Know You (2005)Edit

Don Francisco - That I May Know You

That I May Know You

  1. Born To Die For You
  2. Shelter Of Your Wings
  3. Grace And Faith
  4. Pushin' On
  5. Higher Ground
  6. Sneakin'
  7. More Than Just Emotion
  8. Old Jerusalem
  9. Don't You Talk That Way
  10. For God So Loved
  11. My Jesus, I Love Thee

The Sower (2007)Edit

Don Francisco - The Sower

The Sower

  1. Shepherd's Song
  2. Behold The Lamb
  3. It Is Written
  4. Consider
  5. It Will Be So
  6. Blessed
  7. Rock Steady
  8. Give It For Love
  9. Hole In The Roof
  10. Let Your Light Shine
  11. The Sower

Let It Ride (2009)Edit

Don Francisco - Let It Ride

Let It Ride

  1. Let It Ride
  2. The Desires Of Your Heart
  3. The Goal Is The Journey
  4. Freeze Dried Life
  5. My Heart's Pastureland
  6. Nehemiah's Song
  7. The Letter He Wrote Me
  8. It Will Be Worth It
  9. Without A Key
  10. The Thinner The Veil
  11. While You Sleep

Forever My Friend (2013)Edit

Don Francisco - Forever My Friend

Forever My Friend

  1. You Are the Reason
  2. Come to Me
  3. Servant of All
  4. His Sons and His Daughters Are Free
  5. Forever My Friend
  6. The Sunday Morning Chainsaw Massacree
  7. Never for Nothin'
  8. What If
  9. Come Up Here
  10. You Are in Me
  11. Workin' On a Buildin'

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