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Mercy Mercy

This song is by Don Covay.

This song has been covered by Jeff Lynne under the title "Mercy, Mercy".
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Mercy Mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy, baby
Umm, have mercy, yeah
Have mercy on me

Well, I went to see a gypsy
And had my fortune read
She said-a, 'Don, you're baby's gonna leave you
Her bag is packed up under the bed'
I cried, 'Have mercy'
Have mercy, baby, yeah
Have mercy, yeah
Have mercy on me

I said-a ;If you leave me, baby
Girl, if you're puttin' me down
Well, I'm a-goin' to the nearest river, child
An jump (jump) overboard (jump)
And drown (jump, jump, jump)
But don't leave me

Have mercy
Have mercy, baby
Mercy, yeah
Have mercy
Have mercy on me

Well now, hey-hey, baby
Hey-hey, now
What you tryin' to do, huh?

Hey-hey, baby, hey-hey, now
Please don't say we're through

<Guitar and instrumental>

I said if you stay here, baby
I tell ya what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna work two jobs
Seven days a week
An bring my money home to you
(Bring it, bring it)

But well, I said, 'Mercy'


Mercy (mercy)
Mercy (mercy)
Mercy! (mercy)

Oh yeah.


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