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​I Think I'm Leaving Halifax

This song is by Don Brownrigg and appears on the album It Takes All Kinds (To Make This World, I Find) (2013).

I am everything you want
Because I'm everything at once
With that said I sit and poetically wax
I do think
I think of leaving halifax
Such a tiredness through time
Like ink to waste a thousand lines
If I think of everything that any one thing lacks
I do think
I think of leaving halifax
But the last thing I want
Is any one here's pity
All that I want
Is between me and this city
This will happen in a town so small
A man ill at ease, if at ease at all
If all these years can't give me a reason to relax
I just found one
To leave halifax
I think of leaving halifax
(I think I'm leaving halifax)
Yes I think
I think I'm leaving halifax