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Big Boy Pete

This song is by Don & Dewey.

Woo, the joint was a jumpin' on the corner
Down on a honky tonk street
When all of a sudden up drove a Cadillac
And out stepped a cat named Pete

Diamonds on a every finger
Wore the tailor made suit
He smoked a black cigar
He wore a stetson hat, he wore a pair of cowboy boots

He busted on through the doorway
Bad as a he can be
Pulled out his pistol, he turned around
He said, 'my name is a big boy Pete'

The music stopped, there wasn't a sound
Over in a corner stood a bad man Brown
Brown smiled and grinned, he said
My friend, come three steps farther and I'll a do you in

Now, Pete, said, a look a here, buddy
Before I tan your hide
I got a forty five that keeps me alive
And seven bullets on my side

Brown pulled a knife, he jumped on Pete
They fought from the counter, right a, out to the street
They swung from north, they swung from south
Brown, cut that black cigar right outta Pete's mouth

Brown slipped around behind boy Pete
Cut him from his head, right on down to his feet
Pete hit the ground, he yelled and screamed
Pete took his stetson hat an beat the scene

Now, if you ever down on the corner
Down on a honky tonk street
Don't mess with Brown, he'll cut you down
Take a lesson from a big boy Pete, wow

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