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Visiting Hours Are Over

This song is by Don't Look Down and appears on the album The Fear in Love (2004).

all this time it felt right
you were in teh dark
I was waiting for you to see
all the wrong inside of me
waiting around for your touch
waiting around as the silence forms and the dial tone
lets me know that i'm alone
i've been falling out
wanting out these last few months
trying to sort it out
or wait it out, it's what we do best
I turned and I walked out
while you were standing still
we fell SO FAST
we never asked
without love can this moment last?
I lost so much in this place
I wanted so bad just to bring you out
away from doubt
away from all we know
all the trust between us has never seemed to last
we've been waiting here just to see something that we'll never be
fighting for breath 'til the end
breaking our will as we see this through
we always knew we might not make it back

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