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This song is by Don't Look Down and appears on the EP Five (2003).

Finding out you were wrong was the hardest thing you've done,
Try to understand this, everythings undone,
Your thinking that you know me,
Well think again, you've broken every promise, break me till the end

Trying hard to explain never comes out right,
Need you out of my head, need out of sight,
Now its time to move on,
You can't complain,
Push aside these feelings break through all the pain you've caused,

ALL I wanna say GIVE IT UP,
Tell you one last time, got to learn to
Crawl before you walk all over me

Can't take another moment, my back is finally broked,
Stepping out and over your thin line,
The seems are frayed and open,
Thank God its finally over,
My heart is screaming (hoping) one last time give it up

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