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Unclothed And Honest

This song is by Don't Die Cindy and appears on the album Don't Die Cindy (2004).

Welcome to my world,
It's so ugly and unpure,
And it's yours to know you don't have to stay,
You're the creator of all things,
The sky and all the earth,
So I've heard,
And if you're real,
Send me a sign...

'Cause I stand here in darkness unclothed and honest for you...

And if you're real,
I'd like you to stay a while,
Just until the end of time,
Hold my hand through my life,
When I get married when I hold my first born,
I want you to be there laughing crying teach me to be free,
Cause it sounds so damn good to me,
And if you're real,
Send me a sign,
Make me die inside,
And when I stand on my own two feet again,
I want you to be there...

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