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The World Was Never Mine

This song is by Don't Die Cindy and appears on the album Don't Die Cindy (2004).

I remember you,
so innocent so young,
you grew with me...
I remember days of waking up to you,
and I want out...

I want out,
out of life and out of love,
and you walk away like nothing ever happened,
and I know now,
it's over and i'm sorry that the game was never won,
i'm sorry it's my heart you couldn't choose,
and the world was never mine to give to you...
but one day we'll meet again...

I remember you,
something told me you were scared,
and I see why,
now I will lead you back,
back to the straight line,
to let you out...

i'm sorry that your world was put on hold,
by a boy who wonders why your'e still not here,
let the moments pass you by while your'e alone,
and don't worry,
we all make big mistakes...

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