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Parot Bay Takes The Pain Away

This song is by Don't Die Cindy and appears on the album Don't Die Cindy (2004).

light the candle,
put it by the bed so the man who comes at night won't steel your dreams away,
or I will be with you instead to burn everything in sight,

say you walk the straight and narrow line,
please take three steps back and realize where the hell you are,
somewhere between forsaken skies for the sake of your own eyes,
look far beyond your stars,
so get in we'll take a ride into the face of danger,
and if we ever get out of this town,
we'll make our lives somewhere away from pain and anger,
we'll watch the fire burn the house down,
just you and i...

remember when we always dressed in black,
we made it through those nights and after that we said,
that we want those years of our lives back,
but since we're stuck instead,
the house it burns tonight...

so please take three steps back and realize where the hell you are...

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