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Mr. Handsome

This song is by Don't Die Cindy and appears on the album Don't Die Cindy (2004).

it could've been the last time that you ever wake up in my arms again,
I remember how you were there,
I was here,
he was there,
it wasn't right,
it was the first time that I ever felt anything at all,
I remember how we agreed,
give it time,
everything was out of control...

I think we'll never change,
as lovely as you are,
let me step one foot inside your door and hold you one more time...

I still have a lot left to say to you,
I got a feeling that it's over now,
you and i,
just until you're here and we give in...

I think we'll never change,
open up your eyes,
let me step one foot inside your door,
and kiss you one more time...

it's in the way you close your eyes,
I could almost feel the tears you cried,
it's in the way you say goodnight,
yeah you bite your lip and it drives me wild,
it drives me wild...

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