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Just The Weather

This song is by Don't Die Cindy and appears on the album Don't Die Cindy (2004).

the leaves are falling down and now she's in love,
she wants a boy to hold her through those lonly winter nights,
she's got her eyes set on simple minds just for the down times,
sorry I can't be the one that you're looking for,
and she said...

since when did you get so scared and start hating yourself,
you're not really in love,
it's just the weather,
i'll never open up my heart it wasn't made for you,
one question for you baby in return for truth,
and I said...

will you feel the same,
passed the winter's kiss into the dessert sun,
will you hold my hand until the end of all four seasons
or is it just the cold that makes you feel in love,
and she said...

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