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I Think It's Funny

This song is by Domestic Problems.

Well, I think it's funny how I just look around for you
Just waiting for you to talk to me, what's a love sick guy to do?
And, I think it's funny how you won't say my name
You think I'm gonna' jump on you girl
Well you just play your stupid games

'Cause I don't need no cosmic trippin' flippin' out on my backside,
Given' me a hard time, thinkin' I'm the wrong kind,
Juicin' up her behind
That's what I say

Well, I think it's funny the way you do the things you do
I just want to get close to you girl, the choice is up to you
And, I think it's funny; in my eyes I cannot see
Love does not surround us baby, it only circles me

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