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Dolores Keane (1988)Edit

Dolores Keane - Dolores Keane

Dolores Keane

  1. Sister and Brother
  2. Drag Lines
  3. Heart Like a Wheel
  4. Caledonia
  5. Mouth Music
  6. Aragon Mill
  7. Died for Love
  8. May Morning Dew
  9. Lili Marlene
  10. Foolish You

Lion in a Cage (1989)Edit

Dolores Keane - Lion in a Cage

Lion in a Cage

  1. Feel It in My Bones
  2. Walking on Seashells
  3. Lion in a Cage
  4. One Golden Rule
  5. The Room
  6. The Island
  7. Moorlough Shore
  8. Hold Me
  9. Across the Bridge
  10. My Love Is in America
  11. Happy as a Baby in Your Arms

Solid Ground (1993)Edit

Dolores Keane - Solid Ground

Solid Ground

  1. Telling Me Lies
  2. Storm in My Heart
  3. Never Be the Sun
  4. Solid Ground
  5. Emigrant Eyes
  6. Nothing to Show
  7. I Courted a Soldier
  8. Summer of My Dreams
  9. Tonight as We Dance
  10. The Finer Things
  11. Until We Meet Again

Night Owl (1997)Edit

Dolores Keane - Night Owl

Night Owl

  1. Dangerous Dance
  2. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  3. New Deal
  4. The Banks of the Nile
  5. Dunlavian Green
  6. Ballyroan
  7. Aileen's Lament
  8. Fare Thee Well A Stor
  9. The Forger's Farewell
  10. Jose
  11. Make Me Want to Stay
  12. The Night Owl (Homeward Turns)

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. My Love Is In America
  2. Grey Funnel Line

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