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In The Pines

This song is by Dolly Parton and appears on the live album Heartsongs: Live from Home (1994).

This song is a cover of "Black Girl" by Cecil Sharp.
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In The Pines
In the pines in the pines where the sun never shines
And we shiwered when the cold wind blows

My love my love what have I done that makes you treat me so
You've caused me to weep you've caused ne to mourn
You've caused me to leave my home

In the pines in the pines...

The longest train I ever saw went down that Georgia line
The engine passed at six o'clock the caboose went by at nine

In the pines in the pines...

I asked my captain for the time of day
He said he throwed his watch away

In the pines in the pines...

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