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​Heartbreak Collison

This song is by Dolla.

Before the fight start to kick of I always used to trick off
And keep her in designer bags to have her girl's pissed off
Ridin' with the top off they ain't never go out and if a nigga pop off you know
Imma show out, you know imma show out yeah you protected and all my exes
Gotta respect it you to young to get in but I was connected so the bouncer at the front let
Her enter threw the exit five minutes fo we get in my song get requested and we start throwing
Money till all the stripers get naked damn we used to kick it now we disconnected I thought we was
Different be we ain't no acception late night textes keep us arguin Used to be running threw my mind now your jogging,
Now your just walking, footsteps lightly till they start to fade away and all I hear I silence, fuck every here and there but I feel
No attachment used to be amazing don't know how that happened used to say I love her and I would really mean it
Now I'm sitting thinking trying to comprehend the meaning

Where do we go
From here
When we know it hurts
But we just can't seem to let go
From here

So we work things out
But we both end up hurt
And it seems
To disappear
'Cause the love we had just ain't no longer here
And I'm lost
On a road
With no speed limit a heartbreak collision
Is near
Don't pull me over
Oh I just can't take it just can't take it

Before our love start to tear up, id rather get the hell up to focus on my rock collecter check and get some mail off, u use to fix your hair up, put on clothes and make up, use to put it on me in the mornin when we wake up, use to cook and clean and do laundry on occasion, now you sit around the house and now I'm runnin' outta patients
Got the nerve to be complainin but the bills stay paid, and they ain't neva late, and I ain't eva laid a hand on you dat ain't what men do my mama taught me well, snow boots by chanel she gettin' every fall nigga it will neva fail, if money eva funny bet you she can neva tell unless I eva told her just to show her what it was, like I'm out hea doin' all of dis shit hea for us, but that's no longa hea 'cause we no longa there, we lookin' for commitment that we no longa share