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Doktor Knark Is Back In The Town

This song is by Doktor Kosmos and appears on the album Evas Story (1999).

Doktor Knark is back in the town
He gonna kill Eva down
He was shot and now angry
At boyfriend Stjärn-Jerry

He shout to Eva you are Stjärn-Jerry's wife
And he tried to kill my life
Therefore I will kill you now
I'm gonna tell you how

You're gonna bleed
'Cause I have a knife
You're gonna plead
For your dirty life
You're gonna cry
And you're gonna run
Juan's gonna shoot you with his lasergun

But Doktor Kosmos Is brave and he say (ooh)
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey (heyheyhey)
Don't touch mördarbruden Eva
Om du vill leva

Doktor Knark he smiles a smile
And he say I don't like your style
Doktor Kosmos I don't like you
I'm gonna kill you to

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