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I Feel

This song is by Dokken and appears on the album Shadow Life (1997).

Seeing no one
Touching something
Fingers reaching out
Senses burning
All from learning
No one's sees
The colors in my mind

Silent darkness speaks my name -
Everything changes yet stays the same
Like darkness into day
I know what is to come
Long days without sun

I feel
I feel

Slowly moving
Endless motion
Floating forward now
Soaring higher
Drifting nowhere
I felt that I was somewhere else

Total blindness still remains
Everyone changes - I stay the same
The hours slip away
I'll feel this pain no more
My future waits outside the door

I feel - I feel (crystallized - piece of time)
I feel
The sun is shining over me
Warming my senses

I make a plea
I'm guilty of feeling
So why is it so hard to see?

I feel - I feel (crystallized - piece of time)
I feel - I feel
(Blood stained eyes - open wide)
I feel

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