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How Many Lives

This song is by Dokken and appears on the album Shadow Life (1997).

Patiently I'm waiting (seemed so long)
to take another fall (out of the dark)
am I anticipating (something is wrong)
certain final call (one last for the part)
the hands of time keep turning (bring me to life)
the world begins to turn

How many lives are remaining
how many souls is he saving
how many lives are remaining
how many souls is he saving

All of us keep trying (hope for the best)
to place a higher bid (into the night)
on your knees and praying (laying to rest)
let's not and say we did (image shining bright)
what's the point you're making (show me it's right)
the point of no return

Someone told me forgiveness comes from you
so I wasted one
there was nothing to lose
now I see that faith is for the few

Absolution came
standing in the queue
you know I lost my faith standing next to you

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