Dokken:Back For The Attack (1987)

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Album by Dokken.
  1. Kiss Of Death
  2. Prisoner
  3. Night By Night
  4. Standing In The Shadows
  5. Heaven Sent
  6. Mr. Scary
  7. Burning Like A Flame
  8. Lost Behind The Wall
  9. Stop Fighting Love
  10. Cry Of The Gypsy
  11. Sleepless Nights
  12. Dream Warriors


  1. Back For The Attack

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Dokken is:Edit

  • Don Dokken- Vocals
  • George Lynch - Guitars
  • Jeff Pilson - Bass Guitars
  • Mick Brown - Drums


The song "Back For The Attack" was not released on this CD. It was written for the "Under Lock And Key" CD and went unreleased. It was then re-recorded and released as the B-side of the single "Dream Warriors".

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