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We Have No Talent

This song is by Dogwood and appears on the album Dogwood (1998).

Another song to pass the time
I've reached the end of my rope
And I'm ready to call it quits I'm through
Anybody can do the things I do

The lack of talent has taken its toll
The chords are rip-offs and the topics are old
Let me be the first to spread the word
What I say is not so absurd

Evaluate the past
look ahead and laugh
Take a look at me
Tell me where I'm at

Living for the fun
I despise regret
A walking hypocrite
I've taken all I can get

How about a life without desire
How would it be if I wasn't a liar?
If I said anything besides the truth
Would you call me out or act a fool?

Agree with me on what is right
If I'm in charge it'll be alright
I'm perfectly humble and neither are you
I'll pretend I like you and that's the truth

Flavored with the cure
Passion for what's pure
I want to be clean
This is why I sing

Subliminal message
Underneath your thumb
Allow me to retort
I feel out of sorts

It's almost done
It's almost done
Oh yeah
It's a real winner

Take me with you wherever you go

It's almost done
It's almost done
Oh yeah
It's a real winner

Make me into you with your shaping hands
A bondslave life and limb under your command

Take me with you wherever you go

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