Dogwood:Through Thick And Thin Lyrics

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Through Thick And Thin

This song is by Dogwood and appears on the album Through Thick And Thin (1997).

You're my brother, companion
Through thick and thin
No one has been there
No one has cared quite like you
Our love a fortress
I'll never abandon

Though thick and thin
I'll stand right by your side
And I just want to say
Please don't forget what we've experienced

Through time and travels
No distance is greater
Than separation from your friends
Now here we stand under God
We take hands
Praying for His will inside our lives
To keep us strong
We'll help one another survive

Through thick and thin
I'll stand right by your side
And I, just want to say
There's nothing we can't handle together

I'm here for you
Brother's love true
You're here for me

You're my brother
No one has been there quite like you
Through thick and thin