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Selfish Americans

This song is by Dogwood and appears on the album Seismic (2003).

Rotting from the innards out
Another decade and they're vanishing
What is it to you? What is it to me?
There's nothing we can do so I'll just leave it the same

Stolen from our sight and mind
Swept under the rug, no shame
Oblivious to the poverty
And we're the ones to blame

Consumers venerate
The power to take away
It's burning ever closer
Killing them everyday

The pleasure to disregard it
Those children feel the sting
Conversely we forget them
With every passing day
They'll never go away
And here we stay

Selfish Americans
Selfish Americans

Recognize their plight
Take a look at them
We take for granted our God given freedom
They've got nothing our there

We need to lend an unselfish hand
Commit ourselves to serve
There's so much we have, we don't know what to do
And the answer's already there

Selfish Americans
Selfish Americans
Selfish Americans

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