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Matt Aragon

This song is by Dogwood and appears on the album Matt Aragon (2002).

Deep inside I tried to find
A purpose for me no surprise
I've pushed myself away
Sometimes I refuse to think
And sometimes I just need a break
Leave myself alone today {Today}

Sit and drink the air
And stop to let out all the hurt
Collapse inside your arms
I never want to let this go

I'm not in tune with anything
If I go on like this
I'll scream 'til I go mute
And people who can't speak don't have
To answer for themselves
I'll scream this one for you {Scream this one for you}

I know what failure is
I understood it all along
Salvation was a gift
But someone wrapped it wrong... so wrong

Life has a funny way of leading you on
Letting you down, Letting you know
Deep inside I try to find a purpose for me no surprise
{Please leave me alone}

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