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This song is by Dogwood and appears on the album Dogwood (1998).

Another lonesome night
A room full of emptiness
Darkness engulfing me
I can't handle the pain

Helpless' my new name
I have no family
No one tells the truth
I've got nothing left and nowhere to run

It's suicide
A complex task
Self-decision pre-constructed doom
It's not your time to go

I don't belong
So I will die
Self sacrifice for I hate living
I should die

{I should die!}

Now there's no return
To my once sad smile
Too many steps too far
And now I've lost my way

I'm asking you to listen
I haven't got a lot to say
I just need a friend
I'm so alone and so afraid {And so afraid!}

Remember when you said
You'd always hold my hand?
We'd be a family forever
Now where did everyone go?

I've reached my breaking point
I feel it's time to go
Has God forgotten me?
What happened to fair and

What happened to me???

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