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​Terminal Velocity

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Payday (1991).

Take a look around you, can you see the sin?
Can you smell the rotting stench?
It's the world you're livin' in!
In no time we have tarnished a billion year old prize
By pillaging our planet we race towards demise at...

Terminal velocity, terminal velocity

Ecologic violence must be our greatest skill
We rape our world to feed consumer overkill
Mean tem perature is rising, ozone evaporates
The only problem in this world
Is that man still procreates at...

Terminal velocity, terminal velocity

Blue box pick up Thursdays, newspapers Monday night
Can we think we'll slow the crimson tide with our
Eleventh hour fight?
No, we can't drink the water, the air's not fit to breathe
YES, this is our legacy... shitting where we sleep

The earth is dying! There's no denying!
Turn this ship around! We're gonna run aground!
Is it too late? Can we rescuscitate?
Can we bring rebirth to our ailing Earth?

Knee deep in his garbage, man has failed to see
That dumping on our planet, we will cease to be
With all our great technologies can ewe not save this place?
A brilliant light is burning out in the tapestry of space at...

Terminal velocity, terminal velocity
Terminal velocity, terminal velocity

Sad sight! Waste Site! Grave Site! THE EARTH!