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​Stone Cold Killer

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Payday (1991).

Silent but deadly, quick in the night
Fast as a shark, he stabs with his knife
Sly as a fox, you die if you fight

He rips like a chainsaw
Drains blood till you're white
Beware! Beware! You'd better hide

A savage in the city, a killer on the run
Cruelty in his eyes, in his hands he's got a gun
He's armed and he's lethal, and he's hungry for blood

He's tracked down his victim, you're identified
Beware! Beware! You're next to die!

Stone cold killer, stone cold heart
Stone cold killer, tearing you apart
Look out!

Women and children are prey in his plan
He's stalking the sidewalks, hunting the damned
He's a savage in the city, blood on his hands

Retreats to the shadows to murder again
Beware! Beware! You're next to die!

You've seen him in the papers
Seen him on TV
You'd better look out...