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​See If I Care

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Payday (1991).

Fill your face, get fat and gripe
Wast your life in a crack pipe
Once you're wasted, get behind the wheel
Are you seeing double? With death you deal...

Rip off your friends to buy a hit
They won't miss it, take it and split
You'll pay it back, they will insist
But, don't come cryin' if it's with a fist!

See if I care, See if I care
See if I care, See if I care

Stick yourself with pins and needles
Drown yourself in alcohol
Fuck around without a condom
You think you're immortal, but you'll fall

See if I care, See if I care
See if I care, See if I care

Quit your job. Now you're free!
You want a TV? Just B&E!
You won't get caught, you're much too slick
You're too much GOD to be a convict

I ain't gonna preach to you
You run your life, you do what you do
Just don't cry to me when you get fucked over
Every man reaps what he sows

Lose your friends, 'cause they don't believe
They disclaim the lies you weave
Fuck em' all, they ain't worth dick!
Your shit don't stink, you hypocrite!