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​Its Killing Time

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Shock (1990).

I woke up this morning
With a thought in my head
I like the idea of seeing you dead
It's not that I hate you
I just need something to do
I think I'll kill some time
I'll do it killing YOU
What's the point of shooting you
With a plain old boring gun
Why should I shoot when
I could beat you with a boot
Not too quick, not too slow
Just like on TV!

It's killing time, it's killing time
I need something to do
It's killing time, it's killing time
It's killing time, it's killing time
Gotta keep myself amused
It's killing time, it's killing time

I like the way you stammer
When I whack you with a hammer
I like the way you shake
When I poke you with a rake
We're gonna play a game
HOT AS HELL is it's name
We'll play it on the porch
With a lighter and a torch
I'll smother you in chocolate
To make you nice and sweet
Then I'll chop you into pieces
Like halloweeny treats
I'll find myself a cleaver
To lop off your little ears
And while you lie there bleeding
I'll down a few cold beers

Come here
Come here!
I mean it!
All right... have it your way...

Down the stairs with love
With a not so gentle shove
I'll grab a file to scrape you
Then stuff you up and bake you

Zap you in the microwave
Till you're burnt to powder
Like a manical gourmet
I'll boil your bones in chowder