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​I Aint Gonna Die

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Shock (1990).

I feel the power zapping hot
And arcing in my veins
Sparks are shooting all around
The matter in my brain

Lightning bolts light up my eyes
Their fluids boiling hot
A million volts between my thighs
Are surging in my crotch

My nerves a raging fire,
My muscles jerking spastic,
My body is a writhing mass,
My spine is like elastic

Smoke is rising from my wrists
And straps that strain to bind me
Flames are leaping from the switch
As if they're trying to find me

Got a charge in me
That you cannot kill
Megawatt electric overkill
I am lighting up
And sparks are gonna fly
Gimmie all you've got
'Cause I ain't gonna die

Behind the glass they can't believe
What they think they start to see
Through soot and smoke they gawk at me,
A grinning enemy

The chaos ceased, a throbbing buzz,
My body is relaxed
The power surging from the chair
My aphrodesiac!

The energy is building as
My body stores the load
My flesh is fully charged now
And I'm ready to explode

Behind the glass they're freaking out
This sight they can't behold
I snap the straps, a lightning flash
This force they cannot hold!

I ain't gonna die
I ain't gonna die

Crackling hot blue sparks
Bridge the gaps between my eyes
Behind the glass guards run around
Like frightened little mice

My skin is sickly glowing
From the charges underneath
My dragon breath screams
"Kill them all!"
The glass melts from the heat

Thunderbolts blast from my hands
And atomize the wall
Frightened men are scurrying
And heading for the hall

I brace myself
Burst into flames
This just is not my day...
From the hands of fate,
The table's turned;
Prison dog flame