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​Come and Get Me

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Shock (1990).

I hit the streets, tail pipes blazin'
I crank the throttle, acceleration
Rear tire squeals, I kick to second
Those pigs surprised as I pull away
Ha ha ha ha

Up a side street, down an alley
Then throught the park, it's a downtown ralley
Bank to the left as I hit the highway
If you wanna arrest me, then you'll have to catch me!

Come and get me, if you think you can
Come and get me, yeah, blue suit man
Come and get me, if you feel you must
Come and get me, and suck my dust

The pavement slick as I shift through the gears
Haven't had this much fun in quite a few years
I hit a fairs speed as I lean through a bend
Red lights behind me farther back once again
Clear road ahead of me, cops are way behind
I take her up to cruising speed...
Time to unwind!

Come and get me, it's hide and seek
Come and get me, you blue suited geek
Come and get me, it's search to destroy
Come and get me, You can't catch this boy!

Fly past a side street, a ghost car pulls out
Ha Ha Ha, tricky devil, it'll never work out
I crank my wrist and my hog just screams
1200 pounds of Harley 'tween my jeans!

I glance in the mirror to see where he is
He's not there, nor the rest...
What the fuck gives?
I take a look around, and no, they're not behind me
I laugh out loud, "Ha Ha Ha, You'll never find me!"

I turn my head to face the road
And dead in front of me
A wall of cop cars with guns aimed at me
Well, this is it, it's time to do or die
I gun my hog, I'm gonna have to try
It's time to do or die