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​Ace to the Face

This song is by Dogs With Jobs and appears on the album Shock (1990).

I'm on the subway, I ride alone
Four in the morning, I'm heading home
My walkman's wailing, I'm a little high
Typical night in the heat of July

I'm just sitting there, bangin' my head
Headphones are loud enough to wake the dead
My eyes are closed, the subway stops
I lift my lids to spot three jocks
(...Or did I dream it...)

Their lips are moving, I can't hear a sound
They look at me and then they laugh
I back the volume down
But, I keep on bangin', actin' like I'm deaf

Their laughing at my leather and studs
And the albums on my left
(...This is where I stand...)
Shut yer faces faggots, you piss me off,
And when I get mad... someone gets offed

Ace to the face, a forearm smash
Under the eye, a dripping gash
Ace to the face, a kick in the nuts
Ace to the face, a knife in the guts

All is quiet blood, creeps the floor
The subway stops, I head for the door
Up the stairs to the breeze on the street
I get outta there, still sweating from the heat
(...Or did I dream it... I dunno...)

Those fucking assholes, they had it coming
You cut down a thrasher, you get a cuttin'
Metal is raging again, screaming in my phones
I wake up, just in time for my stop,
Resuming my trip home