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Fake This

This song is by Dogfight.

Difficult to ignore this; to make it seem ok.
Just because you've enjoyed it, doesn't
Mean your life won't change.
All I ever wanted was some time to
Walk away. When I try to look past this,
You're stepping in the way.

I don't care when you're not here.
Make or break it doesn't take much time
To see it. You fake it, you fake it, you fake this.

Hard enough to accept it,
You never take the blame.
When the finger is pointed,
You try to run away.
And all I ever wanted was
Some time to walk away.
But, when I try to look past this
You're stepping in the way.

You're too much to handle,
When you want to act this way.
You tell me just to accept it,
So I'll just walk away.

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