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No Frants (Jam Master Jay's Main Edit)

This song is by Dog Eat Dog.

(Dog eat dog coming now on the now fronts remix)
(Here we go)

Still down with the fat joints
And only getting bigger
Respect to my man JMJ ith the zigga
Dog eat dog what we are to say
We can hit this jam in the old school way
So rock you body and roll your mind
Hip-Hop is the spirit if you know the time
Are we Glowing? (yeah)
Spot blowing (you know it)
By the smell of the skunk
Iits the funk we flowing
So split the blunt
Reach for the sack
Ease of your mind
Never look back
Inhale deeply
Now pass it around
Come on every body
Lets all get down

No fronts, No tricks
No soapbox politics
No guns, just Blunts
We kick this just for fun

I'm here to introduce a member to you
A life time member of the dog eat dog crew
It's me JC, I'm the AKG
And can nobody rock the mic like me
All around the world we do our thing
And if your wack step back
'Cause were down with the king
So drop that bass, smack with the drum
Now heavy on the horn, now it weighs a ton

Yeah nothing but the fun of it

And this is how we do it

I'm sick

This is how we do it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
This is how its done

All right kid what you want you get
Many different styles that we present
Time to show and prove if you're in the groove
Don't sleep as we can make a move
But come correct 'cause vibes are true
No F. R.O.N.T.S true
Now that is the style have no fear
Jay hit the Fader
Peace I'm Outta here

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