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Lil Ghetto Boy

This song is by Do Or Die and appears on the album Pimpin' Ain't Dead (2003).

I wonder where my life would be if i... had that paper
I'm just a ghetto boy
A lil' ghetto boy

They tell me it's like the money pow money and power
How can this world rotate without this money and power
If I had money
I'd keep my peoples out the poverty
'Cause ain't no more starvin wen y'all around me... shit
This world ain't gotta be me
And every playa got paper
Shinin like a super star wit matchin' links and gators
Keepin' our family off this poor table
'Cause ain't no food on it
And every crap up in this bucket gotta move on it
(I'm just a ghetto boy) livin' in this ghetto world
Stayin wit this ghetto chik
Hopin to have a ghetto girl
And after all there ain't no spaces for that
How can we live up in this world where d'ain't no place for the blacks
'Cause every dollar gotta dream behind it
We seem to be blinded
Malcolm X he had the dream to remind him... believe me
Havin' money could have this world fucked up
But it can answer your prayers wen you get down on your luck

I wonder where my life would be if i, had that paper
I'm just a ghetto boy
A Lil' Ghetto Boy
Now if I lived on top of the world
Shinin like diamonds and pearls
I'm still a ghetto boy
A Lil' Ghetto Boy

I done lived my life up in the, ghetto
Momma workin hours
Tryina feed a family
Dady's in and out
Takin' baths with broken showers
Next door neighbor gave us the vapors
Callin cops 'cause we on the block
Breakin they home on sum broken cables
But I never thought that it would affect me later
Until I seen the hustle where niggas ridin' stretched navigators
But now then later I should come up
'Cause I seen my homie one the block slangin rocks and then I spot the gunna
I never visioned it'd be homicide
Be'cause they told me he'll live
That's wut they told me wen my homie Boosy died
Could all these miges bring my nigga back?
Could all these million features
Would all my friends become my enemy
Would my family become astonished with all these strengths that come into me
Is this pretend to be
A vivid a magically
A vivid a magically
I wonder

Back in the days when I was poor
I'm not poor anymore
But sum days I sit and wish that I was poors again (x2)

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