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Do U?

This song is by Do Or Die and appears on the album Pimpin' Ain't Dead (2003).

Yeah baby girl
You know how it's going down
2003 Do or Die JP Twista (ya dig)
Well I heard a knock at the door
Must of been the girl I met on the low
She real thin, nice chick 5'4
Had a few in so we head to the show
Aftawords we hit the mo mo mo
Lets stayed clicked get a expo
I'm the city Chi put the mink to the floor
Got a natural role never walked to the store
Give me a minute then get down with the fro
Gotta a few friends that like to party fo sho
We can hit a tune let my homie Deebo
All in the mall in Everex
Get a small mac called S-E-X
Platinum link all in the phat
I can pick a hat but I'm to fat for a chat
Po Po swarmed so I hopped in the Lex
Baby got back but I'm trying to relax
Giving her the eye as we head to the bar
Never give her money 'cause you know she a star
Do you wanna ride in my car?

Do you? Do you?
23's like jordan on the escalade
Got a pound of dro girl if you wanna blaze
You can your hair down while the AC blow
Before you get in I just need to know
Do you? (4 times)
I'll keep it on the low, do you, do you

In a mood like yes y'all
Role a B let it test y'all
Light the B if they stress y'all
Connive dress and relax y'all well
Stretch out like a Lex ball
If it's dat raw
To the chest with Remi
Like a slug with the vest off
Let me dust a niggas chest off
Let 'em leave with the menapause
Can't believe how they sent 'em off
Switch the number then I bend 'em all
Bend and grinning about to spin 'em all
Just balling
Shot shot calling
Holla at your dog when they sipping alcohaling
Really wanna kik it but they all just stalling
Six dime pieces checking out me pausing
They looking like eww he flossing
Baby girl I don't do this often
In the 5 double O fo sho
Still riding cadillac slam the door
Suppose I kick back kick the flow
Just to impress and flex the hoe
Check the door

Do you? (4 times)
I'll keep it on the low do you do you
And it really don't matter where we go
Just sip this Hen and puff 'n' smoke
Before I split with you I just need to know
Can I... Do U?
Naw we good you know
We still balling C-walking and rapping a lot
I just need to know Do you do you

Now I was geeking when I met you at the club
Had me feeling on your booty anda brotha was a 50 ball
For you I'd even pour some Chrissy in the tub
My body was stunnin wondering when if I'm gonna get them draws
Let me know now if I'm in the right lane
Tell me when I say the right thang
I got tight flame
Rolling through stunning while I had you runnin'
'Cause I'm coming some pimp tight game
Iced out charm
Chromed out truck
Come through balling like I really don't give a fuck
Blowing a fatty of the purple with the windows up
While I'm sipping on Hennessey and Hypnotiq getting stuck
And I need a gurl
To carry me when them haters be attacking me
Backing me into a corner
While a brotha trying to get thurs
And I need a queen backing me
While I'm running my faculty
Telling me I'm lethal when I spit words
Hit herb (ooh)
Hold it then blow it out
Do you like the way I flow it out?
Don't eva act funny or petty with money when I throw it out
Do you like how I talk?
Do you like they way I ride?
Do you like the way I pimp freeze?
I can let down easy
'Cause I'll still be the playa Twista slash P-O-P-I-M-P

I heard someone over there wanna ride
With me with me
Ride with me, with me, wanna ride with me
I thought I heard someone wanna ride with me
I heard someone wanna ride with me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

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