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This song is by Do.


You're telling me,
that you want to make me see
that I'm the one and only
in your life
there's no other
who can make you feel
the way that I do

but eventhough you try so hard
I'm still afraid to let you into my heart


But if it's true
that I want you
will there be a tomorrow
for me and for you
yes, If it's true
what would you do?
tell me after tomorrow
would you still be there for me

I'm looking for
that special man
Someone who
who will understand when I'm feeling blue
and I need a friend
who will be there just to hold my hand

So now I know you'll be there for me
I guess you have made me see

that it is true
and I want you
there will be a tomorrow for me and for you
yes, It is true
I want you too

So after tomorrow
in joy and in sorrow
you'll be there
to love me
come with me

So now I give my all to you
because I know, you want me too

and it is true
that I want you
want you

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