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Break The Glass

This song is by Django Django and appears on the album Born Under Saturn (2015).

Waking together you lifted your head.
How would it feel if we laid back forever?
Travel the world from the bed where we lie.
Floating above like the ash from a fire.
Doesn't it seem like we've been here before?
Over an ocean the heavens will open.
Nothing is up to the visions we see.
Everything's clear when we step through the mirror.

Carried away to the fog in the distance.
Breaking through the glass.
Waking up at last
Are you still there?
Face up to the facts.
For guessing that we shared. (...)
Step out of rhythm and fall into place.
Try not to think of the hours i've wasted.
Open the shudders, now how can it be?
When did this picture become so unreal?
Moving along on an endless supply.


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