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The Lonely Song

This song is by Djam Karet.

I'm so lonely here
Just me and my beer
There's no one to fear
So come join me here

It takes nerves of steel
Like a pig I must squeal:
"Dudes, what's up, where are you to night?"
But there's no one there, to help with my plight

So I sits here alone
By my computer and phone
No one there to dual...
Just me and my stool

Christ where are you? This site is a gas
I can rant and rave, like a big hairy ass
But its no fun if no one joins me
Alone I must sit
Periodically checking
To see if there's been a hit.
But there hasn't. Oh no...
Just me all alone.
Filling in spaces
As I sit by the bong (???)

(It doesn't really rhyme... but no one's reading it... so who cares? Not me...)

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