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Still Not Too Mental

This song is by Djam Karet.

Gosh golly its fun, pretending I'm me
Pretending I have as much talent, as fish in the Sea.

But hey, wait a minute, let me think for a sec...
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I sound just like Jeff Beck.

They other guys in the group as losers, for sure.
They haven't figured out how to be rude, without cure.
They don't know this vehicle I've found, for ranting and raving,
For slandering my palls, and entirely mis-behaving.

So I'll use this site here, for my mischievous abuse
Of my pals in the band, for who I have no use.
Which is good, good because, once they see this I'm doomed
To cleaning the band toilet, and sweeping the band room!

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