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New Dark Rage

This song is by Djam Karet.

This site is my tool, for reaming you a new one
When are you gonna join me, join me in the fun?
Its easy, I say, as easy as pie
Just enter some lines, like smoke in the sky.
Just write what you wanna, they'll never really know
That's its us who's the foolers, the controllers of the show.

I rule, I'm God, No one is better then me.
I challenge you, to show me, to let me see'
What you got, I know its lurking somewhere underneath
That fat belly of yours, behind those bad teeth.

See you soon, you goofs, its time for me to go
And take from the band what I can, just to show
You that I am the sickest, the sickest of all'
So it's your turn to try it, you damn knows it all.

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