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Japenese Girl

This song is by Dj Mystic.

Stay till the sun starts to rise from the sea
Kiss me goodbye till my soul's running free
I won't forget you're my girl from japan

Say, that you will always be part of my life
Please let the flower of passion survive
When I am back in my hometown again.

I'm in danger

Japenese girl, in your eyes
there's a fire of man's disire
I Love You
Japenese girl and I know
You're the Geisha of broken hearts (hearts)

Japenese Girl (girl...girl...girl..)

You look so sad by the light of the moon
I feel your tears falling like the monsoon
Your love is trapped in the house of bamboo.(House of bamboo)

Why did you fall for a stranger like me?
Soon I'll have to leave you alone can't you see.
You may be drowned in an ocean of blue (of blue..of blue)

Its all over...


My Japanese Love (love)


I am in danger


Japenese Girl! (girl...girl)

My Japanese Love (love)

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