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Wish U Would

This song is by DJ Ill Will.

Frankie baby
I wish a nigga would, I wish a nigga would say I never put work in these streets
I wish a nigga would, I wish a nigga would say I never roll round with that heat
I wish a nigga would, go and say I never rep my city, my city

Red Cafe
Non stop hustle non stop grind
I generate dough seperatin coke lines
From a cold city big big city
Caddilac goin' 26 si silly
Whole team with me shake down
Smokin' that good I only get it by the pound
Project buildin where I made a killin'
Where I graduated pharmaceutical dealin'
When it pop off I'm the one 2 bring the thunder
R.I.P B.I.G party ?h? summer
First slass flights if I don't do the jets
Shorty says she can't swim but I keep the girl wet
Stay with a yankee sign on the fit
And I kepp the yayo fryin on the skillet
Suckas can't touch it but you gotta feel it
Check the rap game, rap sheet I'm the realest, moveit

I wish a nigga would say I ain't the?
Say I wasn't standin on the corner every day
A cocked hand gun and a sack full of yay
I am up north californIA
Frisco to be exact
I put my city on high school jersey off time to put the semi on

Make my city look good every single video
Putting on for my hood every time I sing a song
Real nigga shit be the only thing I'm on
If you on the same shit I suggest you sing along
My name is your boy where I be the rockstar
I am living proof that your dreams are not far
I brought my city all the way down to Hollywood
?See my first name not makin' but I'm good?
They say I'm not the ?bank?

I'm the mayor of the city like a?
And you ain't ballin less you playin' for the major league
NBL, NBA, NFL I know how to play
Iced out wrist band haters can't stand em
Pull up to the trap in the drop top phantom
Pull up in the ??? and the rich?
Police harassing and they looking for the candy
Where it at?
True fit dog we do what we want
Lean in the sprite we got kush in the blunt
Sad thing is he do what he can and the did what they could
But me I am the man
Certified G all the shit I been through
So I wish a nigga would try to tell me what to do

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